UAB, a long time HeRO customer, sets the Guiness World Record for most premature surviving infant

HeRO is proud to be a part of the care plan at UAB Medicine, whose incredible team has been honored with the Guiness World Record for the survival of Curtis Means. It's a wonderful story of a strong premature infant born at 21 weeks and 1 day gestation. Curtis went home from the NICU after nearly a 10 month stay in the UAB NICU. Read more about the story here,

UAB, a long time HeRO customer, sets the Guiness World Record for most premature surviving infant2021-11-11T14:22:46-05:00

HeRO Monitoring – Does it Lead to Unnecessary Testing and Treatment?

June 23, 2020 - MPSC announces the publication of another article about HeRO. In this peer reviewed article published in Neonatology Today, King discusses the use of predictive monitoring tools such as HeRO. Some fear that the use of tools such as HeRO may lead to higher rates of testing and antibiotic usage. In the article, the data regarding these concerns from multiple prior analyses are assessed in the context of improved outcomes.

HeRO Monitoring – Does it Lead to Unnecessary Testing and Treatment?2020-06-22T15:46:48-04:00

New HeRO Publication in European Respiratory Journal

June 22, 2020 - MPSC is proud to announce that the European Respiratory Journal has published "Predicting Extubation Outcomes Using Heart Rate Characteristics Index in Preterm Infants: A Cohort Study." In this paper, Chakraborty et. al. expand upon their earlier publication on the use of HeRO to assess extubation outcomes. With this publication, the authors also announce a free online tool that applies the models presented in the publication for the use by neonatologists everywhere.

New HeRO Publication in European Respiratory Journal2020-06-22T15:32:14-04:00

MPSC releases Episode 2 of the HeRO Whiteboard – Cytokines and HRV

June 22 - Today, MPSC announces the release of the next episode of our video series, The HeRO Whiteboard. In today's episode, we explore the physiological response to a developing infection and how the release of cytokines leads to changes in heart rate variability. HeRO assesses heart rate variability in its algorithm for determining the HeRO Score.

MPSC releases Episode 2 of the HeRO Whiteboard – Cytokines and HRV2020-06-22T11:53:21-04:00

MPSC releases the Episode 1 of The HeRO Whitebaord

June 11, 2020 - Today, MPSC is proud to announce the release of the first episode of The HeRO Whiteboard. In this episode, we provide an introduction to HeRO as well as the subjects to be covered in the successive episodes.

MPSC releases the Episode 1 of The HeRO Whitebaord2020-06-12T15:00:53-04:00

MPSC announces The HeRO Whiteboard

June 4, 2020 - MPSC is proud to announce The HeRO Whiteboard. Many of our customers have asked for a video message to learn more about HeRO. In this series, we present the HeRO product and provide an educational session in this short video format.

MPSC announces The HeRO Whiteboard2020-06-12T14:36:12-04:00

HeRO looks to create new partnerships following ArabHealth 2020.

We are excited from a tremendous show at #ArabHealth2020 in Dubai. We want to thank @VEDPVirginia for the support and the opportunity to present as a part of the Virginia stand. ArabHealth is always a great conference to meet with customers, friends, and partners in the Gulf region. We look forward to lots of opportunities and new business.

HeRO looks to create new partnerships following ArabHealth 2020.2020-02-18T12:29:54-05:00

Decreased death and impairment found in the HeRO trial in ELBW infants.

HeRO has been shown to improve outcomes in another publication in #JPeds, This publication adds to the ever growing list of publications supporting the use of HeRO for infants in the NICU.

Decreased death and impairment found in the HeRO trial in ELBW infants.2020-02-18T10:27:59-05:00

MPSC moves to new headquarters

Medical Predictive Science Corporation, MPSC, has completed the move of its headquarters to a new location. "Our relocation will continue to allow for further growth of the company and the additional headcount needed to support it," said Will King, CEO. Please take note of our new address, effective immediately: Medical Predictive Science Corp. 1233 Cedars Ct, Ste 201 Charlottesville, VA 22901

MPSC moves to new headquarters2019-12-09T09:46:40-05:00

HeRO announces Tomorrow Medical as new distributor.

Charlottesville, VA– June 7th, 2019 MPSC announced today that it has signed an exclusive relationship with Tomorrow Medical to represent the HeRO products in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. Tomorrow Medical “Tomorrow Medical is delighted to offer HeRO as a part of its mission to extend and improve life and health by early treatment of health risks,” says its founder, Rob de Vroet. “We strive to provide the highest quality service to our customers and patients.” Now available in 26 countries, HeRO is becoming the standard of care in providing actionable information to improve the care for neonatal intensive care patients. In the NICU, sepsis is the leading cause of death after the first three days of life.   It is goal of MPSC to aid doctors to identify and treat earlier, when those treatments are most effective.  MPSC’s HeRO product applies the concept of “Big Data” to generate meaningful clinical decision support solutions. Medical Predictive Science Corporation is engaged in the development of computational diagnostic and bio-informatic technologies for the healthcare industry.  MPSC is committed to saving lives and reducing healthcare expenditures through the development of effective clinical diagnostic and decision support tools.  These products use computational diagnostic methods to make the early diagnosis of clinical illness through continuous, non-invasive patient monitoring, and to provide diagnostic information as well as decision support to the physician.  HeRO is a trademark of Medical Predictive Science Corporation.

HeRO announces Tomorrow Medical as new distributor.2019-06-07T10:41:57-04:00

MPSC Welcomes CEMSA as our newest distributor

May 20, 2019 - MPSC welcomes CEMSA to our partners representing HeRO in the many and growing number of countries where HeRO is available.   We are delighted to have CEMSA as our representative for Mexico. CEMSA is working hard to obtain the necessary clearances for the sale of HeRO into Mexico and hopes to be able to launch HeRO soon.

MPSC Welcomes CEMSA as our newest distributor2019-05-20T17:00:43-04:00

HeRO thanks Synova for a great NICU Leadership Forum 2019

MPSC is proud to continue supporting the NICU Leadership Forum put on by Synova Associates. At this year's conference in Litchfield, AZ, we had a great time getting to talk with customers, future customers, and all the other wonderful people at the meeting. We are delighted to congratulate Warren Furry for the winning entry in the raffle.

HeRO thanks Synova for a great NICU Leadership Forum 20192019-05-16T16:52:07-04:00

Arab Health 2019

MPSC is proud to announce that we will be exhibiting at the Arab Health 2019 conference in Dubai, UAE.   Arab Health is the largest medical conference in the Middle East. MPSC will be displaying their HeRO solution as a part of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) stand.   "We have been very fortunate to have the support of the VEDP in our efforts to expand our international presence," said Geoffrey R Alms, PhD, Executive Vice President of MPSC. HeRO has recently been adopted by Sidra Hospital in Doha, Qatar, and King Hamad Hospital in Al Sayh, Bahrain.   "We look forward to working with our partners and leading hospitals in the region," said Will King, CEO.

Arab Health 20192018-12-19T10:08:45-05:00

HeRO solo and duet now offer data export option.

May 18th, 2018, Charlottesville, Virginia – HeRO solo and HeRO duet now offer data export. In an update to the HeRO solo/duet platform, MPSC is proud to announce the availability of data export from the system. "This is in direct response to the voice of our customers," says Dr. Geoffrey Alms, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MPSC, "All feedback from our customers is evaluated in trying to improve upon our product portfolio." The new option, called "USB Data Export," will be offered as an optional upgrade available immediately on new production units of HeRO solo and HeRO duet. With the option, customers can export the data from the HeRO monitor onto a user supplied USB stick as a text file. This solution was developed in order to allow clinicians, who are interested in doing research incorporating HeRO, a mechanism for collecting the digital data generated by HeRO. Please contact your local representative about the availability of all the HeRO Products.

HeRO solo and duet now offer data export option.2018-05-18T16:16:09-04:00

JPEDS publishes two new articles on HeRO

May 14th, 2018, Charlottesville, Virginia – the Journal Pediatrics has just published two articles about HeRO monitoring. In the first, “Predicting Extubation Outcomes-A Model Incorporating Heart Rate Characteristics Index”, authors Goel, Chakraborty, Watkins, and Banerjee examined HRC as a predictor of extubation outcome in neonatal patients. They found that patients that failed extubations had both higher baseline HeRO Scores as well as higher post-extubation changes in HRC Scores than infants that succeeded extubation. In the second, “Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Length of Stay Reduction by Heart Rate Characteristics Monitoring”, Swanson and co-authors examined length of stay differences between the two arms of the HeRO randomized controlled trial in light of the competing outcome of a mortality benefit. They found HeRO monitored patients to be discharged alive and before the 120th day of life at a higher rate than controls (83.6% versus 80.1%, p=0.01). They also found that among surviving patients with a positive blood culture, HeRO monitored patients were discharged at a 3.2 day lower PMA than controls (p=0.03). “Clinicians face a real challenge in choosing when to extubate a ventilated patient,” commented Dr. Geoffrey Alms, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MPSC. “Leaving the patient ventilate increases the risk of pneumonia, but pulling the tube out before the patient is ready, resulting in re-intubation, results in its own set of morbidities. Any role that HeRO can play in helping the clinicians choose the right time to extubate will greatly benefit patients.” Turning to the length of stay publication, Alms commented, “Length of stay in the NICU is a surrogate for cost. So, reducing length of stay is not only good for patients and families, but good for hospitals as well.” He added, [...]

JPEDS publishes two new articles on HeRO2018-05-14T17:12:24-04:00

Alabama sextuplets and HeRO

MPSC is proud to have played a part in the care of the Waldrop sextuplets in Huntsville, Alabama.   "When we heard that Huntsville Hospital was about to have sextuplets join them, we knew we had to help," says Geoff Alms, Executive Vice President.  "Within a week of learning about the pending arrival, we were able to deliver 6 new HeRO Solos ready for use." The family has a Facebook page dedicated to their nine beautiful children and TLC will be hosting a documentary airing Fall 2018.

Alabama sextuplets and HeRO2018-04-26T20:18:54-04:00

MPSC receives new 510k clearance.

Charlottesville, VA. As MPSC continues to improve the HeRO product portfolio, we are proud to announce that MPSC has received a substantially equivalent notification regarding its most recent 510k submission, the summary of which is available at

MPSC receives new 510k clearance.2018-03-12T14:01:46-04:00

Medica 2017

November 29, 2017 - MPSC wants to thank the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (@YesVirginia_org) for the opportunity to exhibit as a proud Virginia based company. "Medica is a key congress to explore business opportunities throughout the world," said Geoffrey Alms, Executive Vice President. "We enjoyed meeting with our current and future partners to bring HeRO to more NICU patients.  Medica has been an important part of the expansion of HeRO into many new markets."  

Medica 20172017-11-29T09:23:46-05:00

MPSC Joins the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s Open Data Pledge

Charlottesville, VA– June 20th, 2017 MPSC announced today that it signed the Patient Safety Movement’s Open Data Pledge, a public pledge to share its data to promote patient safety. The Open Data Pledge is designed to foster a marketplace of data analytics to encourage entrepreneurs to develop novel uses of health data that will improve patient safety and reduce preventable deaths. If enough medical technology companies share the data their products generate, it allows engineers and researchers to develop predictive algorithms that notify clinicians and patients of dangerous trends, such as MPSC’s HeRO product. The pledge does not ask any company to share protected or proprietary data or not follow all the privacy laws. To date, 80 companies have made the pledge: “Our HeRO Product line proves that the idea of sharing data among device makers and entrepreneurs results in saved lives,” said Will King, CEO. “We look forward to working closely with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation to further the goal of eliminating preventable patient deaths.” More than 3,000,000 people worldwide, and 200,000+ people in the United States die every year in hospitals in ways that could have been prevented. It is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US and the cost is close to $1.44 Trillion. If every Very Low Birth Weight baby in the US were monitored by HeRO, 1,200 additional lives could be saved while simultaneously reducing costs and length of stay.  The Patient Safety Movement Foundation is a non-profit that is working with all stakeholders, including patients, healthcare providers, medical technology companies, government, employers, and private payers. Their mission and public commitment is to eliminate preventable patient deaths by the year 2020. Their annual World Patient Safety, [...]

MPSC Joins the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s Open Data Pledge2017-06-20T17:42:19-04:00

PAS Abstracts about HeRO monitoring

At the recently concluded Pediatric Academics Society Annual Conference in San Francisco, there were multiple abstracts presented about the HeRO System. Please take a look at these new studies:   Sepsis screening in very low birth weight infants using heart rate characteristics monitor. Schibler K, Moreira D. PAS Conference Abstract (2017). Reduced NICU Length of Stay Using Heart Rate Characteristics Monitoring. Swanson, JR, King W, Carlo W, Sinkin RA, Schelonka R, Porcelli PJ, Navarrete C, Bancalari E, Aschner JL, Perez J, Palmer C, O'Shea M, Walker W. PAS Conference Abstract (2017). Cost Analysis of Heart Rate Characteristics Monitoring in the NICU. Karvonen KL, Vergales J, Sinkin RA, Swanson JR. PAS Conference Abstract (2017).

PAS Abstracts about HeRO monitoring2017-05-25T16:51:41-04:00