HeRO duet supports several different types of connections to the physiological monitors. In all cases, the HeRO duet cable plugs into the monitor using a port labelled as “ECG Analog Out” or “Defib/Sync.” Within a single make of monitor, this port can vary. Please make sure that the appropriate cable is used. On the duet end of the cable, all of the duet cables terminate in a RCA style plug. This then plugs into a RCA-BNC adapter that must be left on the duet.

Duet cables available


Spacelabs cable

New style GE

GE new style PDM cable

Last generation style GE (still common).

GE MiniDin cable

GE LEMO (older)

GE LEMO calbe


HP/Agilent/Philips cable


Mindray cable


Draeger cable

The above is not a comprehensive listing.  For other cables, please contact us.

On the HeRO AD2, the Duet cables plug into a breakaway connection