Uniquely for the Philips MX platform of monitors, MPSC offers HeRO ES, which with the iPC, displays HeRO on the physiological monitor.

  • HeRO ES displays directly within the physiological monitor.
  • HeRO ES requires no additional cables.
  • HeRO ES works only on the Philips MX700, MX750, MX800, and MX850 monitors with the optional Philips iPC.
  • HeRO ES requires that the Philips monitor is equipped with the iPC option, available from Philips.
  • HeRO ES is sold through MPSC and its distributors, not directly through Philips.
  • Optionally, HeRO ES can be enhanced to integrate with HeRO Symphony, thereby offering central monitoring and electronic medical record export through HL7. We offer special pricing for HeRO ES as a part of a HeRO Symphony bundle.
HeRO ES on MX850
HeRO on an MX850