HeRO solo

A bedside monitor for 1 patient.

HeRO solo

A standalone HeRO monitor for every bed.

HeRO duet

A bedside monitor for 2 patients.

HeRO duet

A standalone HeRO monitor for 2 infants.

HeRO solo & HeRO duet

HeRO is now available as a bedside monitor,either as a single patient solution with HeRO solo or as a two patient solution with HeRO duet.
HeRO solo and HeRO duet have some great features:

  • A stand-alone HeRO monitor for 1- or 2- NICU beds.

  • Simple to install – 2 power cords and either 1 or 2 monitor connect cables.

  • Available with 3 mounting options:

    1. Rolling stand mounted (our most popular)
    2. Wall mounted via a GCX rail
    3. Tabletop mounted on a flat surface.
  • Intuitive, touchscreen monitor

  • NEW – USB Data Export – an optional upgrade to export data to a USB flash drive.

Like the other members of the HeRO Family. HeRO solo and HeRO duet work with your existing physiological monitors utilizing the proven HeRO algorithms. Please refer to the Products page for a comparison between the HeRO products to understand how each differs.