We understand that you may have questions about HeRO. Many of the frequently asked questions are answered below.

What does HeRO stand for?2018-05-31T15:05:24-04:00

The HeRO Heart Rate Observation System.

I need more HeRO cables, how do I get them?2013-09-06T11:48:19-04:00

Please contact HeRO Support or your local representative for more information.

Why do I not see a HeRO Score for my patient?2013-09-06T11:47:49-04:00

The HeRO system takes up to 4 hours for the first HeRO score to be created for a patient.

How does HeRO connect to our physiological monitors?2017-01-10T09:07:53-05:00

HeRO can pull data from the physiological monitor network or use HeRO cables to connect directly to the physiological monitor. Please Contact us for more details to learn which options are available for you.

Does a high HeRO Score mean that a patient has an infection?2013-09-06T11:40:37-04:00

No. An elevated HeRO Score (HeRO Score > 2.0) reflects only that the patient has heart rate patterns matching those of patient more likely to develop an infection. Clinicians must determine any diagnosis through standard diagnostic techniques, such as a physical exam, laboratory results, and cultures.

Does a low HeRO Score mean that the patient is healthy?2013-09-06T10:26:26-04:00

No. A patient that is presenting as sick should be treated as sick. A low HeRO Score should never be used to withhold treatment from a patient.

How do I admit a patient to HeRO?2017-01-10T09:07:53-05:00

HeRO solo and duet, HeRO ES, and HeRO Symphony (when automatic ADT is enabled), will handle patient admit automatically. HeRO ES and HeRO duet do allow a “Clear Patient Data” function which has the effect of starting a new patient record.

For HeRO standard without automatic ADT:

  1. Press the Log In button at the bottom right of the HeRO screen. Enter your User Name and Password.
  2. Go to the Patient Information tab.
  3. Press the New Patient button.
  4. Enter the patient’s Medical Record Number and Name. Press OK.
  5. Press the Log Out button at the bottom right of the HeRO screen.
How does HeRO work?2013-09-06T10:13:26-04:00

Every hour, the HeRO System produces a new HeRO Score. Each hourly score is based on the last 12 hours of heart rate data. The HeRO System identifies and quantifies abnormal heart rate characteristics that have been observed early in the course of neonatal infection. It takes about four hours for a patient’s first HeRO Score to be rendered.

What is the use of the 5-day trend?2013-09-06T10:12:47-04:00

The HeRO System shows both the current score and the trend for the last 5 days. All patients will have their own baseline. Upward and downward trends make it clear when that patient’s HeRO Score is changing.

What is the HeRO Score?2013-09-06T11:38:10-04:00

The HeRO Score measures the amount of abnormal heart rate characteristics (decelerations and reduced variability) present in a patient’s heart rate pattern. The HeRO score is updated hourly and is shown as a numeric value. The trend of the HeRO Score is graphed over the last five days.

Can I demo HeRO?2017-01-10T09:07:53-05:00

Installing HeRO into a hospital typically involves a project coordinating the IT teams and Biomedical/Clinical engineers at the hospital. As such, MPSC is unable to provide an evaluation unit of a full-scale HeRO System. With our new HeRO duet product, we are able to offer HeRO duet evaluation units on a limited basis. Please refer to the large, randomized clinical trial for a comprehensive study of the effectiveness of HeRO.

What technology does HeRO use?2017-01-10T09:07:53-05:00

HeRO utilizes the patented Heart Rate Characteristics (HRC) technology that incorporates many innovations covering the methods, algorithms, and composition of the HeRO System. HeRO is the only product utilizing the HRC technology. Please check out our biography for a listing of these publications.

How much does HeRO cost?2013-09-06T14:39:16-04:00

HeRO is a medical device that adheres to the regulations for the countries in which it is marketed. Furthermore, there are multiple configurations for HeRO. Please contact us for pricing specific to your NICU.

Can I add HeRO to my physiological monitor?2013-09-03T23:13:43-04:00

At this time, HeRO ES is the only version that can be directly added to a specific physiological monitor. HeRO ES can be added to an iPC equipped Philips Intellivue MX700 or MX800 monitor.

Is HeRO software that I can add to my monitor?2016-12-19T18:31:15-05:00

The HeRO System is a combination of hardware and software. The hardware performs the data collection, and storage of the HeRO data. The HeRO software analyzes the collected data and serves the central and remote monitor allowing the health care professional to view the resultant information.

Does HeRO work with my multi-parameter monitor?2013-09-03T23:09:46-04:00

HeRO has been validated with a large number of multi-parameter physiological monitors. Chances are that we we can use yours.

Does HeRO use any new sensors?2017-01-10T09:07:53-05:00

HeRO is non-invasive and utilizes your existing physiological monitor to collect data. There are several methods to connect HeRO to your monitor. Contact us to learn more.