Charlottesville, VA– June 7th, 2019 MPSC announced today that it has signed an exclusive relationship with Tomorrow Medical to represent the HeRO products in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.

Tomorrow Medical

“Tomorrow Medical is delighted to offer HeRO as a part of its mission to extend and improve life and health by early treatment of health risks,” says its founder, Rob de Vroet. “We strive to provide the highest quality service to our customers and patients.”

Now available in 26 countries, HeRO is becoming the standard of care in providing actionable information to improve the care for neonatal intensive care patients.

In the NICU, sepsis is the leading cause of death after the first three days of life.   It is goal of MPSC to aid doctors to identify and treat earlier, when those treatments are most effective.  MPSC’s HeRO product applies the concept of “Big Data” to generate meaningful clinical decision support solutions.

Medical Predictive Science Corporation is engaged in the development of computational diagnostic and bio-informatic technologies for the healthcare industry.  MPSC is committed to saving lives and reducing healthcare expenditures through the development of effective clinical diagnostic and decision support tools.  These products use computational diagnostic methods to make the early diagnosis of clinical illness through continuous, non-invasive patient monitoring, and to provide diagnostic information as well as decision support to the physician.  HeRO is a trademark of Medical Predictive Science Corporation.