MPSC is pleased to announce that Wishaw General Hospital in Scotland has outfitted their entire NICU with the HeRO Monitoring System. Purchased through a donation by Garreth Wood and his wife, former Miss Scotland Nicola Wood, the hospital is the first in Scotland to fully outfit the NICU with HeRO.

The BBC has produced a report on the project at: Donation of HeRO on the BBC

“MPSC’s HeRO System continues to gain new customers across the world,” says Will King, CEO of MPSC, “We are delighted that neonatologists choose to place their confidence in our products, adopting them at an increasing rate.”

About HeRO
HeRO® is a pioneering monitoring system for premature infants that detects early signs of distress, commonly caused by infection and other potentially life-threatening illnesses. HeRO generates an hourly numeric score that quantifies the prevalence of abnormal patterns in each patient’s heart rate and provides a new tool for clinical assessment so that standard diagnostic and therapeutic decisions are better founded. In a long-running randomized study of over 3,000 preterm infants, those whose care included the HeRO monitor, experienced greater than 20 percent reduced mortality, effectively saving one infant’s life for every 48 who were monitored.

About MPSC
MPSC is an entrepreneurial medical device company that translates ICU research discoveries to the patient’s bedside. The company develops predictive technology that detects imminent, catastrophic illness. MPSC’s HeRO monitor is the first of a line of products to monitor in-hospital patients.