Medical Predictive Science Corporation has broadened its portfolio of life-saving neonatal monitors with HeRO Solo – a turnkey single patient HeRO monitor. HeRO monitors detect early signs of distress in NICU patients, commonly caused by infection and other potentially life-threatening illnesses. In the largest randomized controlled trial ever published among NICU patients, HeRO monitoring reduced mortality by 22%.

Charlottesville, Va. (PRWEB), May 28, 2014 – Medical Predictive Science Corporation announced the immediate release for sale of HeRO Solo, the latest product in the life-saving line of HeRO NICU patient monitoring devices.

“Standing alongside HeRO Symphony, HeRO ES, and HeRO Duet, we now fill out our product portfolio with HeRO Solo,” remarked CEO Will King. He added, “HeRO Solo provides our customers the same life-saving algorithm present in all HeRO products, now in a form factor that simplifies installation and clinical usage to the maximum possible extent.”

HeRO is a pioneering monitoring system for premature infants that detects early signs of distress, commonly caused by infection and other potentially life-threatening illnesses. HeRO generates an hourly numeric score that quantifies the prevalence of abnormal patterns in each patient’s heart rate and provides a new tool for clinical assessment so that standard diagnostic and therapeutic decisions are better founded.

HeRO monitoring was extensively tested in the largest randomized controlled trial of neonatal patients ever published. In that landmark study, mortality was reduced by 22% percent among those premature infants that received HeRO monitoring, compared with those that did not.

“HeRO Solo will reach a new clinical audience. We expect widespread adoption both outside the US where networking infrastructure in the NICU is less prevalent, as well as inside the US where the move to single bed rooms necessitates bedside monitoring solutions. HeRO Solo will fill both niches,” commented Executive Vice President Geoff Alms.

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MPSC is an entrepreneurial medical device company that translates ICU research discoveries to the patient’s bedside. The company develops predictive technology that detects imminent, catastrophic illness. MPSC’s HeRO monitor is the first of a line of products to monitor in-hospital patients.

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