CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., November 8, 2012 Medical Predictive Science Corporation (MPSC) announces that it has received the CE mark for the Heart Rate Observation System, or HeRO® System.  The CE mark allows the device to be marketed and sold in the European Union indicated for the prediction of sepsis and improvement in mortality.
MPSC CEO Will King commented, “This is an important milestone in the adoption of the HeRO technology.  Through this one action, we have effectively doubled the market for HeRO monitors.”
“The evidence from the 3000-infant randomized controlled trial was clear and convincing:  the HeRO System predicts sepsis and saves lives,” noted Ray Schumin, Director of Regulatory Affairs.  “We couldn’t be more pleased with this outcome,” he added.
MPSC is immediately looking to engage distributors in the European market at the MEDICA conference, in Dusseldorf, Germany later this month.  “This is a great opportunity for us to build immediate momentum.  Our distributor in the UK has already identified our first potential customer.  I’m hopeful we can identify equally motivated sales partners throughout continental Europe,” remarked Geoff Alms, PhD, Exec. VP of Sales and Marketing.
HeRO is a pioneering monitoring system for premature infants that detects early signs of distress, commonly caused by infection and other potentially life-threatening illnesses. HeRO generates an hourly numeric score that quantifies the prevalence of abnormal patterns in each patient’s heart rate and provides a new tool for clinical assessment so that standard diagnostic and therapeutic decisions are better founded.&nbsp:

About MPSC
MPSC is an entrepreneurial medical device company that translates ICU research discoveries to the patient’s bedside. The company develops predictive technology that detects imminent, catastrophic illness. MPSC’s HeRO monitor is the first of a line of products to monitor in-hospital patients.