PAS Abstracts about HeRO monitoring

At the recently concluded Pediatric Academics Society Annual Conference in San Francisco, there were multiple abstracts presented about the HeRO System. Please take a look at these new studies:   Sepsis screening in very low birth weight infants using heart rate characteristics monitor. Schibler K, Moreira D. PAS Conference Abstract (2017). Reduced NICU Length of Stay Using Heart Rate Characteristics Monitoring. Swanson, JR, King W, Carlo W, Sinkin RA, Schelonka R, Porcelli PJ, Navarrete C, Bancalari E, Aschner JL, Perez J, Palmer C, O'Shea M, Walker W. PAS Conference Abstract (2017). Cost Analysis of Heart Rate Characteristics Monitoring in the NICU. Karvonen KL, Vergales J, Sinkin RA, Swanson JR. PAS Conference Abstract (2017).

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The body of evidence for HeRO continues to grow.

Further evidence of the effectiveness of HeRO is published in the Journal of Clinical Monitoring: Complex signals bioinformatics: evaluation of heart rate characteristics monitoring as a novel risk marker for neonatal sepsis.

The body of evidence for HeRO continues to grow.2017-01-10T09:07:53-05:00

Customer Experience with HeRO reported in Neonatology Today

MPSC announces that Dr. Stefan Maxwell, a long-time neonatologist user of HeRO, has published an article in Neonatology Today telling his experiences with HeRO. Neonatology Today HeRO article

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New Publication about HeRO

Adding to the body of peer-reviewed published literature about HeRO: Septicemia mortality reduction in neonates in a heart rate characteristics monitoring trial. Fairchild KD, Schelonka RL, Kaufman DA, Carlo WA, Kattwinkel J, Porcelli PJ, Navarrete CT, Bancalari E, Aschner JL, Walker MW, Perez JA, Palmer C, Lake DE, O’Shea TM, Moorman JR. Pediatr Res. (2013) Aug 13. doi: 10.1038/pr.2013.136.

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